Christmas at Cattle Hill

Klara the Calf is worked as much as employ her first Christmas on Cattle Hill with her Father, but after they arrive at the farm Klara is disappointed to look he has not tried to decorate for the holidays. When her father is impulsively known as away for work, Klara sees it as another to fabricate Cattle Hill a Christmas paradise with the support of the cheeky christmas elf who lives on the farm, but as Klara finds out it’s some distance ready being collectively at Christmas which is the largest.

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Språk: Norsk
Produksjonsland: Norway,
Produksjonsselskap: Qvisten Animation
Orginal tittel: Jul på KuToppen
Kategori: Animation


  • Klara (inform): Henriette Faye-Schjøll
  • Gaute (inform): Mats Eldøen
  • …: Fridtjov Såheim
  • …: Jan Martin Johnsen
  • …: Marit Andreassen
  • …: Charlotte Frogner
  • …: Sigrid Bonde Tusvik
  • …: Thomas Seltzer


  • Producer: Ove Heiborg
  • Executive Producer: Elisabeth Opdal
  • Director: Will Ashurst
  • Producer: Heidi Palm Sandberg
  • Author: Ole Christian Solbakken
  • Executive Producer: Per Arnstein Aamot
  • Executive Producer: Fredrik Kiøsterud


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