Metropolis Lights

Metropolis Lights

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 8.4

Språk: No Language
Produksjonsland: United States of America,
Produksjonsselskap: Charles Chaplin Productions
Orginal tittel: Metropolis Lights
Kategori: Comedy,Drama,Romance


  • Tramp: Charlie Chaplin
  • A Blind Lady: Virginia Cherrill
  • The Blind Lady’s Grandmother: Florence Lee
  • An Eccentric Millionaire: Harry Myers
  • The Millionaire’s Butler James: Al Ernest Garcia
  • A Prizefighter: Hank Mann
  • Avenue Sweeper / Burglar (uncredited): Albert Austin
  • Boxing Fight Referee (uncredited): Eddie Baker
  • Mayor / Blind Lady’s Downstairs Neighbor (uncredited): Henry Bergman
  • Bald Birthday celebration Customer (uncredited): Buster Brodie
  • Additional in Restaurant Scene (uncredited): Jeanne Wood employee
  • Boxer (uncredited): Tom Dempsey
  • Steet Sweepers’ Foreman (uncredited): James Donnelly
  • Newsboy (uncredited): Ray Erlenborn
  • Police Officer (uncredited): Robert Graves
  • Additional in Avenue Scene (uncredited): Charles Hammond
  • Additional in Restaurant Scene (uncredited): Jean Harlow
  • Additional in Boxing Scene (uncredited): Joseph Herrick
  • Newsboy (uncredited): Austen Jewell
  • Boxer (uncredited): Willie Keeler
  • Newsboy (uncredited): Robert Parrish
  • Tramp Who Dives for Cigar (uncredited): John Rand
  • Man Who Throws Away Cigar (uncredited): W.C. Robinson
  • Additional in Boxing Scene (uncredited): Cy Slocum
  • Victorious Boxer – Later Knocked Out (uncredited): Tony Stabenau
  • Man in Restaurant (uncredited): Designate Solid
  • Man in Elevator in Entrance of the Art Shop (uncredited): Minute Ward
  • Eminent Gentleman in Cafe (uncredited): Stanhope Wheatcroft
  • Lady Who Sits on Cigar (uncredited): Florence Wix
  • Sculptor (uncredited): Granville Redmond


  • Effect Decoration: Charles D. Corridor
  • Tune Director: Alfred Newman
  • Long-established Tune Composer: Charlie Chaplin
  • Director of Pictures: Gordon Pollock
  • Sound Clothier: Theodore Reed
  • Casting: Al Ernest Garcia
  • Director of Pictures: Roland Totheroh
  • Editor: Willard Nico
  • Assistant Director: Henry Bergman
  • Assistant Director: Albert Austin
  • Tune: Arthur Johnston
  • Additional Tune: José Padilla
  • Assistant Director: Harry Crocker
  • Screenplay: Harry Clive
  • Driver: Toraichi Kono


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