Unique Occasions

Unique Occasions

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 8.3

Språk: English,No Language
Produksjonsland: United States of The us,
Produksjonsselskap: Charles Chaplin Productions
Orginal tittel: Unique Occasions
Kategori: Comedy,Drama


  • A Manufacturing unit Employee: Charlie Chaplin
  • A Gamin: Paulette Goddard
  • Cafe Proprietor: Henry Bergman
  • Immense Bill: Small Sandford
  • Mechanic: Chester Conklin
  • Burglar: Hank Mann
  • Gamin’s Father: Stanley Blystone
  • President of the Electro Steel Corp.: Al Ernest Garcia
  • Cellmate: Richard Alexander
  • Minister: Cecil Reynolds
  • Minister’s Partner: Mira McKinney
  • J. Widdecombe Billows: Murdock MacQuarrie
  • Juvenile Officer: Wilfred Lucas
  • Sheriff Couler: Edward LeSaint
  • Headwaiter: Fred Malatesta
  • Turbine Operator: Sammy Stein
  • Lady with Buttoned Bosom: Juana Sutton
  • Billows’ Assistant: Ted Oliver
  • Billows’ Restful Assistant (uncredited): Norman Ainsley
  • Employee (uncredited): Bobby Barber
  • Assembly Line Employee Next to Immense Bill (uncredited): Heinie Conklin
  • Gamin’s Sister (uncredited): Gloria DeHaven
  • Jail Guard (uncredited): Pat Flaherty
  • Employee (uncredited): Chuck Hamilton
  • Paddywagon Policeman (uncredited): Pat Harmon
  • Pissed off Cafe Patron (uncredited): Lloyd Ingraham
  • Assembly Line Foreman (uncredited): Walter James
  • Employee (uncredited): Jack Low
  • Cigar Counterman (uncredited): Buddy Messinger
  • Paddywagon Policeman (uncredited): Bruce Mitchell
  • Convict (uncredited): Frank Moran
  • Assembly Line Relief Man (uncredited): James C. Morton
  • Burglar (uncredited): Louis Natheaux
  • Division Store Allotment Supervisor (uncredited): J. C. Nugent
  • Gypsy in Police Patrol Wagon (uncredited): Russ Powell
  • Waiter (uncredited): John Rand
  • Employee (uncredited): Harry Wilson


  • Settings: Charles D. Hall
  • Song Director: Alfred Newman
  • Fresh Song Composer: Charlie Chaplin
  • Casting: Al Ernest Garcia
  • Assistant Director: Carter DeHaven
  • Director of Photography: Roland Totheroh
  • Editor: Willard Nico
  • Settings: J. Russell Spencer
  • Assistant Director: Henry Bergman
  • Sound Recordist: Frank Maher
  • Director of Photography: Ira H. Morgan
  • Cinematography: Bud Thackery
  • Production Supervisor: Jack Wilson
  • Song Editor: Edward B. Powell


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