In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are considered as demonic and nature an unsuitable to be tamed, a younger apprentice hunter comes to Eire with her father to wipe out the final pack. But when she saves a wild native girl, their friendship leads her to detect the sphere of the Wolfwalkers and become her into the very thing her father is tasked to extinguish.

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 8.8

Språk: English
Produksjonsland: France,Eire,Luxembourg,
Produksjonsselskap: Sketch Saloon,Melusine Productions,Price&Vitality Tradition Communications,Movie Fund Luxembourg,Show Eire,Broadcasting Authority of Eire,Haut et Courtroom,Canal+,RTÉ,OCS,Pôle image Magelis,Folivari,GKIDS
Orginal tittel: Wolfwalkers
Kategori: Run,Animation,Delusion,Family


  • Robyn Goodfellowe (notify): Honor Kneafsey
  • Mebh MacTíre (notify): Eva Whittaker
  • Invoice Goodfellowe (notify): Sean Bean
  • Lord Protector Cromwell (notify): Simon McBurney
  • Sean Óg (notify): Tommy Tiernan
  • Stringy Woodcutter (notify): Jon Kenny
  • Stumpy Woodcutter (notify): John Morton
  • Moll MacTíre (notify): Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • Extra Voices (notify): Oliver McGrath
  • Extra Voices (notify): Niamh Moyles
  • Extra Voices (notify): Nora Twomey
  • Extra Voices (notify): Paul Young


  • Contemporary Song Composer: Bruno Coulais
  • Govt Producer: Didier Brunner
  • Govt Producer: Gerry Shirren
  • Account: Tomm Moore
  • Producer: Nora Twomey
  • Casting: Louise Kiely
  • Screenplay: Will Collins
  • Producer: Stéphan Roelants
  • Production Supervisor: Martin Quaden
  • Govt Producer: Yang Ying
  • Art work Direction: María Pareja
  • Account: Ross Stewart
  • Producer: Paul Young
  • Storyboard Artist: Louise Bagnall
  • Govt Producer: Damien Brunner
  • Govt Producer: Zhang Shuo
  • Govt Producer: David Jesteadt
  • Govt Producer: Eric Beckman
  • Govt Producer: Fabien Renelli
  • Assistant Director: Designate Mullery


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